Considering Opening a Sober Living Home in Florida? Here’s How


The ideal candidate for this position will be someone who has been in treatment for so much time that they have maintained that level of healing for at least one year. They may be eligible for a free or reduced-fee room and board if they live in the campus dormitories for the indigent or those experiencing hardship due to economic circumstances. The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) is initiating a licensure program for drug and alcohol recovery houses that receive funding or referrals from public sources. DDAP’s Final-Omitted Regulations on Standards for Drug and Alcohol Recovery House Licensure are available in the PA Code & Bulletin and DDAP is accepting applications for recovery houses seeking licensure. David Sheridan, president of National Alliance for Recovery Residences, said the national chapter helped Hansen with her legislation because they believe the current licensing goes a bit too far in restricting people in recovery living together. Hansen worked with legislators to introduce a bill that would, in part, regulate the standard of care in sober homes and set up a voluntary certification for operators.

Do sober living houses need to be licensed

In the next installment of this blog, you will learn more about how ADHS regulates licensed BHRFs and SLHs. For more information about sober living homes and behavioral health residential facilities, please visit our website. The following questions will help you determine if the sober living home you plan to check out provided a good experience.

So Far, Only Three States Have Imposed Licensing Requirements for Sober Living Homes

For Salvato, who is also in recovery, and others, having a safe place to go after treatment is essential. Gail and Chris Smith, of Mount Laurel, are in the process of applying for that new license. Read on for everything you need to know about how to open a sober living home in Florida. To add with the opioids and synthetic marijuana, there are also several alcohol abusers as well. Binge drinking can lead to criminal activity, domestic violence, and other problems.

Both are often located in single-family homes, and both may serve residents who are recovering from substance use disorders. Sober Living App makes it easier – and more profitable – to operate sober mash certified sober homes living homes. In 2020, Arizona began requiring sober living homes to register for licenses, as well. The first state to require mandatory licensing for all sober living homes was Utah, in 2014.

Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses

If this business model describes your intentions with your sober living home, then you’ll almost certainly want to get your sober living home certified in Florida. Minnesota sober living homes are currently not required to get licensed or certified in order to operate in the state. As such, sober living homes in Minnesota have a negative reputation for being unruly, unregulated, and dangerous places, although the reality of the situation is likely less severe than NIMBYs make it seem. The Minnesota Department of Health issues licensing for residential substance abuse treatment programs as well as supervised group homes for those suffering from mental illness, but they do not regulate or license sober living homes. In Huntington Beach, the city will deny permits to sober home operators who have been sober for less than a year.

Having some sort of certification or license shows that the owners and operators of the sober living home care about providing the best environment- and are dedicated enough to the well-being of their residents to go through the voluntary process. It also provides peace of mind for family members- knowing their loved one is receiving the highest standard of care. Like most states in the US, Florida doesn’t have special requirements for sober living homes or sober living home operators. There is no governing body that grants licenses to sober living homes or operators and regulates the industry. For this reason, you need to make sure that your sober living home doesn’t offer any services that can be interpreted as addiction treatment services. A halfway house is commonly known as a type of recovery housing that helps people in incarceration transition from addiction treatment to a more independent, healthy lifestyle.


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